This is a variety of long-form content I wrote for traditional and digital platforms. Pieces include white papers, web pages, social content, brochures, and email marketing.

Turnaround and Strategy Content

Check out the white paper I ghost-wrote and brochure for strategic planning consulting services.

Whitepaper screenshot

Whitepaper excerpt

Email - turnaround and strategy

Email campaign to promote the white paper.

Landing page

Patient satisfaction graphic

Graphics highlighting results of the methodology described in the paper. These were used in social media and presentations.

Readmissions graphic


News Releases

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ICD-10 Newsletter Series

Monthly email updates for client subscribers preceding the industry’s big transition to ICD-10 coding. Access links to the emails here:

September release:
October release:
November release:

September ICD-10 communication


June ICD-10 communication, part 1

June ICD-10 communication, part 2
August ICD-10 communication

Web Site Content

Web pages describing health care consulting services on See more.

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